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Nadan Ari Pidi (Rice Flour Ball Dumplings in coconut milk)


Our tongue will never forget the yummy tastes that we had in our childhood right? I had a fine degree of nostalgic feeling while preparing pidi. It was a month ago when I immensely felt to make nadan ari pidi. My hunt for the recipe went to my mom, whose is a great cook in nadan food items. She is a person who likes to do everything from the scratch. So my mom asked me to buy chemba pachari and grind it well in a mill. All those things were done by Anish and my part...the preparation!

ari pidi recipe

The dish is having intense taste of coconut milk and really delicious. You can even make a twist in the recipe by adding sugar and can be served as a sweet dish. Rice dumplings are boiled in coconut milk.

ari pidi recipe


2 Cups of Chemba raw rice flour(ground Chemba pachari) 
2 tablespoon of Cumin seeds (Jeerakom)
Salt to taste
1 Cup of Desiccated coconut
Coconut milk from two medium sized coconuts (divided into loose, moderate and thick consistency)
Water to knead


Make a well in the rice flour, and mix it with cumin seeds, desiccated coconut  and  enough salt.

Boil the water till it show big bubbles. Pour the water into the rice flour and with a wooden spoon, mix it well to roughly form a  dough.

When it cools, with your hand, knead the dough well to get a non sticky and smooth one (like idiyappam) .

Divide the dough and create 3 to 4 inch balls.

Into a shallow cooking vessel (Uruli), pour the coconut milk with loose consistency and boil well. Now put the balls in a vessel and carefully stir it (Without breaking the balls).

When the poured coconut milk is almost evaporated, add the medium consistency coconut milk and continue boiling and stirring. At last, pour the coconut milk with thick consistency just boil it and take off from flame.

Serve hot with chicken curry.

rice flour balls recipe

Rice Flour Balls

rice flour balls recipe

rice flour balls recipe

Snap of Boiling rice dumplings in coconut milk

rice flour balls recipe

rice flour balls recipe

The recipe may vary with the different regions of Kerala. This is one among the finest example of the vast variety of our ancestral recipes :-) :-)

rice flour balls recipe

Sending this off to the South Indian Cooking from Anu, hosted by Rafee's The big sweet tooth

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