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Strawberry Pear Smoothie

Remya's Baking

                Happy valentine's day to all of u.......
In Seattle, I feel that the rain falls like thin broken threads patting the plants and lawn. I believe it to be the reflections of silent love......

strawberry pear smoothie

Whenever I go outside with Anish and Rydhi, I always listen to the whistling of wind and the wings of  Christmas (pine) trees and little plants always  dances with the music of nature........

strawberry pear smoothie

They are not well dressed with flowers blossomed, however  they do have a tranquilizing beauty. Is this the surprise which the land of crispy apples sealed for me for this short vacation....? I don't know........ but enjoying..... keeping my sweet green Kerala safe in my heart.

strawberry pear smoothie

The spirit of valentine's day keeps that day special....independent of the controversy of requirement of a special day. Each day has its own colors....sometimes light and at times intense shade and the point is that each shade is magnetized with its own  cuteness. .......When you feel that you are accelerated for any reason, then life is so thrilling.....So do I....

Remya's Baking strawberry pear smoothie

2 Cups of frozen strawberries
2 peeled and cut pears
2 cups of frozen yoghurt
2 tablespoons of honey/ add sugar if more sweetness required.

Blend all the ingredients together and Pour into glasses and serve.

strawberry pear smoothie

Strawberry pear  smoothie is a simple and good choice for this colorful valentine's day........

strawberry pear smoothie

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