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Pomegranate Ice Cream - A guest post for Rafeeda of The Big Sweet tooth


Rafee (which I love to call her) who blogs at The Big Sweet Tooth ,is sweetest and genuine friend of mine in this world of blogging. She owns a wonderful blog with yummiest recipes.... I often drool over her recipes in her blog especially for Malabari recipes and countless number of other non veg and desserts. I love the way she writes her thoughts..... it is very organic and straight from her heart. I really admire her consistency in blogging irrespective of her many responsibilities which includes taking care of her family, work life balance  and everything else.... All the best dear Rafee.... for your amazing trip of blogging.... 

I'm always thankful that I'm living in this age of 'world in a click apart'. We are bonded because of the love for food and the joy of sharing.... When Rafee asked me to write a guest post for her....I was so excited to do. I was pretty sure about the category.... which is dessert.... but in a little bit  mess of selecting one... But when I told about this ice cream, she was happy and encouraged me to move forward..

So.... scoops of pomegranate ice cream for this sweet tooth girl...

Pomegranate is a nutritious giant. For making this pomegranate ice cream, only three ingredients are required. The basic recipe is obtained from a product leaf and I added the pomegranate juice for the flavor.... I started from juicing the pomegranate and then strained it...... The residue from the strainer has directly gone into my tummy....Please do hop to Rafee's blog to find the recipe :-) 

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