A four layer Barbie doll cake for my little Princess

For my daughter Rydhi's first birthday, last year, we bought a cake from a bakery. Thank Lord! this year things have changed and now I'm having a big craze of cake baking. So it was certain that I would bake a cake for her.

My husband, Anish kept on asking me about the type of cake for her second birthday. My thoughts flew like a bird's eye view as there are different types of cakes to choose from. It was not an easy job to make a surprise for her. When I looked at her, she was just carrying her Barbie doll gifted by her uncle, Rohith and making the doll to sleep by singing "Vavooo.....Vavooo". Ohh!!! Clicked an idea!!! Why can't I make a Barbie doll cake for her? I got really excited.... and  I discussed it with Anish. He smiled and said, "Wow Good idea dear!". Thanks to Betty Crocker, for the ideas of Barbie doll cake .

Then my attention went on to forming different layers of cakes with pretty different flavors and types. Then I listed the most favorable types of cakes. The base,  must be strong enough to hold the layers of cakes placed above. So I used traditional vanilla cake for the base layer. For the next layer, I used the Black Magic cake, which is a dark cake and deliciously chocolaty. And I used soft black forest cake for the subsequent layer with less diameter compared to the black magic. A red velvet cake is used at the top layer, which is a dome shaped one where the skirt of the doll starts. I used whipping cream frosting in between the layers and butter cream frosting for Barbie's skirt decorations.

Whipping Cream frosting:
Whipping cream- 1 1/2 Cup.
Vanilla Essence- 1 teaspoon.
Icing/confectioners sifted sugar- 1/2 Cup ( Can be increased or decreased as per your sugar                                           requirement).
Bring the whipping cream to room temperature. Beat it well ( 7 to 10 minutes), till it becomes double the amount.

Assembling the Cake:
After baking each cakes, refrigerate for 45 minutes in order to avoid crumbs while cutting.

Put a rectangular  1/2  inch hole at the centre of the base layer and for the next layer. For the upcoming layers, increase the hole dimension. When the top layer comes measure the waist and hip size and make a hole according to that. For mine, I made a hole with 1 1/2 inch. The dimension of the hole should depend on the size of the doll.

Take the base layer on a board or a plate and put some whipping cream on top of it and place the second layer above that. Repeat it for the four layers.

Now, cut down the sides of the cake so that you may get a perfect finish for the skirt. Insert the Barbie doll covered with cling so that icing will not stick on to the doll. Make sure that the head part is covered with a separate cling and therefore it can be easily removed after the cake is done.

Apply the buttercream frosting. It should be well covered so that the cakes cannot be viewed. Smoothen the frosting for getting an even surface. This is the crumb coating. Keep it refrigerated for a minimum of 45 minutes.

What I require for my Barbie is to wear a  cream gown with some pink prints in it. So I tinted some butter cream with Wiltons rose petal pink color and piped it with the icing nozzle.

A beautiful Barbie doll Cake is ready for the birthday party!!!!

The dome shaped cake (top layer of doll cake)

The first layer of cake with whipping cream frosting.

Black Magic Cake placed on top of vanilla cake.

 The hole should be at the centre.

After crumb coating Barbie in refrigerator!

When Rydhi saw the doll cake she got really surprised and passed a 70 mm Smile :):)

This was my first attempt to make a multi flavored cake and I'm glad that by Godz grace it turned out to be a Barbie doll cake. 


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