Chocolate De Creame with Strawberry Syrup

It was a pretty evening of this weekend. Anish said "I would like to have a dessert with chocolate. Dear... can you please prepare some rich chocolate dessert for me. ." I thought this would be a nice time for my new trial. I remembered one of the recipes which I went through - Claire Robinson's, Food Network. It was a French chocolaty dessert. I made slight modification to that one and came up with Chocolate De Creame topped with whipping cream and strawberry syrup.

It is a unique and rich blend of chocolate, whipping cream and egg yolks. I'm sure that you would like it.

Servings - 4


114 grams or 1/2 cups of good quality dark chocolate
2 Cups heavy whipping cream divided.
1/4 cup and 1 teaspoon of sugar
(You can reduce the amount based on the sweetness of whipping cream)
 2 Large egg Yolks
1 tablespoon of Hershey's strawberry syrup  


The chocolate is now well blended with cream and sugar

The baking tray on waterbath

Ready to taste.....!!!

We had the dessert after the lunch. Anish commented like this "Wonderful dear.....really rich in chocolate and never had this taste before....:-) ". I gave a little to Rydhi. She licked the entire spoon and opened her mouth for more...........I feel that this is a perfect dessert for your guest who loves chocolaty flavor.


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