Uzhunnu Vada - A South Indian dish

This weekend, I felt very nostalgic. After a long sunny week, yesterday we had short pretty rain. We felt the smell of sand in the new rain. All these things took me to those beautiful childhood days....My achachans(Uncles)  used to buy hot uzhunnu vadas in those rainy days, which took me to have a journey to those good golden days........  So this time I shared my strong wish to my aunty. She knew it and both of us made soft Uzhunnu vada.

I promise for sure that homemade Uzhunnu vada is much tastier than store bought ones.

*Makes 15 to 18 Uzhunnu vadas


Uzhunnu Parippu/ Urad Dal / Black gram dal        - 2 Cups
Shallot / small onion (Finely chopped)                 -  100 grams
(chuvanna ulli)
Ginger (Finely chopped)                                    - 1 1/2 inch
Green Chilly (Finely chopped)                            -  5 to 6 No:s
Curry Leaves                                                    - 1  to 2 Sprigs
Salt                                                                 - To taste
Oil required for frying


1. Clean the Urad Dal and soak it in a vessel with enough water (The water level should be at least 4  inch above the urad dal) keep it for 3 hours.

2. In a wet mixer grinder/grinder, grind the urad dal and if the mixer/grinder cannot grind it well, put some droplets of cold water and grind again till a smooth and thick paste is obtained. Make sure that the dal is properly grinded (A thick batter is desired so try to reduce the water content as minimum as possible ).

3. Add finely chopped onion, ginger, green chilies, curry leaves and enough salt to the batter and mix it well  and keep it aside for at least one hour.

4. Heat oil in a shallow skillet.

5.Wet your palms with water or oil and take a spoon of batter on your palms and make it into a ball with your fingers. Gently press the batter with your fingers or a spoon and put a hole at the mid. Repeat this for each uzhunnu vada.

6. Now we have hot oil in the skillet. Place your palm containing batter parallel (facing) to the skillet and slowly but carefully drop the batter into the skillet. (The skillet should not be too much crowded with the batter)

7. Fry the two sides of the uzhunnu vadas till golden brown. After frying, put each of the vadas in a kitchen tissue to absorb excess oil.

8. Hot Uzhunnu vadas are ready to serve......Serve it with coconut chutney.

Soaked urad dal

The batter after grinding

Chopped shallot, ginger, curry leaves, green chilly

Uzhunnu vada after frying

I planned to use the uzhunnu vadas as a tea time snack. I started cooking in the afternoon, but as soon as I finished cooking the vadas, all those were consumed by my family  members. Yz!! that is the magic of homemade food... :-)

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