A Multiflavored Cake

This is a birthday cake for Suparna - my friend and colleague, Nandan's sister in law.  This is a special multi flavored cake which has two layers of red velvet cake  with whipping cream frosting and Devil's cake with rich dark chocolate frosting.

The dark chocolate frosting had the taste of  the real American Chocolates, which would kill you by its taste.When you eat Devil's food cake, you would be conquered by its chocolate texture,  ultra moistness  and softness .

Nandan along with his wife Aparna and their cute kid Madhav (6 months) gave a visit to my home on a very fine evening. Thank Lord! My attempt turned  successful. Nandan told me that they all loved each and every bite of the cake and even Madhav  loved it. I was more delighted to hear those lovely comments  :-) 

Nandan sent me this picture and I would like to share it with you !!

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