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Remya's Baking apple jam

Hi all....Today I wanna tell u about the one who is craziest about jams.....Itz none other than my beloved Anish. Whenever we have bread for a day, he  goes for jam....especially the "happy jam". But....for me I love bread  butter combination. He found a way to fit both of our interests. He takes three bread layers....and put butter on one bread layer and jam on the other and we eat both fruity sweet and buttery salted layers. Good solution ahh.... :-)? 

apple jam recipe

Recently I found that our jam bottle has been finished at the licking level or even beyond that......I said "I'll make jam but not sure that you will get the same taste". He replied "oh no dear...Tz very tedious and no need to put much effort".I used to make fruit juice concentrates. On one day while preparing passion fruit concentrate, my aunty told that if u want to make jam, then go for the thick consistency. But one cool evening, when he came back to home from the office.....he could smell something new in our condo......He came to the kitchen and at the moment he saw the jam in the bottle his eyes got blossomed..............God is trial has reached the success point. 

Apple Jam recipe

One cup of sugar
Three Apples (Medium sized) (I used Fuji apples )
A few drops of lemon juice.
A pinch of cinnamon powder (optional)

Peel and cut the apples and put into a blender or mixer grinder to get the puree
In a saucepan with heavy bottom, heat the apple puree and sugar (and cinnamon powder if needed) in medium flame and eventually stir to avoid sticking on the bottom. Continue this until a thick jam like consistency is reached. Afterwards switch off the flame and take the sauce pan out of the stove and quickly add lemon juice and combine well. Allow this mixture to cool completely and store in an airtight sterilized jar. Since no preservatives are added, it will last for a month and the jam must be refrigerated when not in use .

Remya's Baking Apple Jam

....and when he tasted.......He said "This jam is the most beautiful one which I tasted till now...."
This is a simple, fast and with no the best one for kids also....When your jam bottles are empty, why can't you make at home without much effort ? :-)

Apple Jam recipe Remya's Baking

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