Excited to receive the Liebster award......

I'm very happy to share my happiness of receiving an award which is meant for the motivation of upcoming bloggers.......The Liebster award.....and the one who nominated me is Anupa from Palaharam and Sangeetha from Eat n Eat little more . Loads of Thanks to Anupa and Sangeetha for considering my little blog merit for it. 

There are some rules for this award which includes:
  1. Give a comment to the award givers post and confirm the receipt.
  2. Present the award to the at least 5 upcoming bloggers less than 200 followers.
  3. The award must be included in your post telling from whom you have received it and your nominees.
  4. Answer the questions asked by the award giver
  5. Set up another 10 questions for your nominees to answer
  6. Put a badge on ur blog.

Answering to Anupa.......

1. What made you start blogging? Has it brought any positive change in you?
The craziness in baking made me to start blogging. Ofcourse....it made many positive changes. I could get many good friends through the world of blogging......It made me to feel more optimistic while trying new recipes ....

2. Apart from blogging what are your hobbies/interest?
Apart from blogging, I like jewellery making, chating, watching movies.

3. What made you choose your blog name?
My husband, Anish

4. Do you hate any veggie or a dish in particular?
I don't hate any veggie or dish in particular......

5. What is the one thing that you can't live without?
I can't live without prayers.

6. A place you have always wished to visit?
It keeps on changing but now I wish to visit Disneyland.

7. Who is your role model?
My mother is my role model .

8. What is your favorite cuisine?
Itz so difficult to pick one favorite .......there are many things in my favorite list.

9. Who is your favorite chef?
Adriano Zombo, Deeba from passionate about baking.

10. Who motivated you to blog?
My husband, my family , friends and my colleagues.

Thanks to Anupa for sending me the cute little badge.

Answering to Sangeetha.......

1. Who and what is the strong reason and motivation behind the food blog that you have started?
My baking mania made me to start blogging and my husband, our parents, brothers, friends motivated me to start blogging.

2. Which is the most common dish that you prepare at home and is blogged at your space?
I prepared molten lava cake many times at home and blogged it.

3. Which you love the most- cooking or baking?
Baking will weigh a little more.

4.What is the dish you are planning to prepare tonight?
Chapatti and vegetable curry
5. When you arrange parties, do you cook for the crowd or do you arrange a caterer for the same?
It depends on the count of guests......I would be confident if the count is less than 20. If it is more... I don't know whether I would be able to handle.

6. What is the best compliment you ever received for any particular dish of yours?
I got the best compliment for my Barbie Doll cake.......

7. Which is the best recipe that you consider the best in my space here?
I love ur soft Mysore Pak the most.

8. What according to you is blogging , end of the day is it a hobby, a store house of recipes or a source of income , explain what you feel on this contexts?
For me till now, blogging is a hobby.......But I'd be happy if I see my bloggie to be a storehouse of recipes......It can be made to be a source of income if you focus more into it.

9. Do you love cooking complicated recipes with perfection or recipes that could be followed easily with perfection?
I like to follow simple recipes with perfection but If I have enough time and mood I love to do challenging recipes.....

10. When you go through different blogs, do you enjoy reading the entire stuffs or just the recipe?
When I go through different blogs, I enjoy the entire stuffs......

Here are my nominations:

1. Lisha Aravind from Nandoos Kitchen: http://nandooskitchen.blogspot.com/
2. Priya and Tessy from DROOLSSS… : http://drooolsss.blogspot.ae/
3. Vidhya Chandrahas from http://vidyackitchen.blogspot.in/
4. Ramya from http://www.lemonkurry.com/
5. Sonali from http://sonykitchen.blogspot.com/

My questions for you....

1. Tell any two points to describe yourself.
2. How do you see yourself in the world of blogging?
3. What is the real motivation behind blogging?
4. ......... is the most heart touching gift u ever received.
5. You are passionate about..........
6. What are your other hobbies/interests?
7. Which is the food you always wish to have?
8. How will you rate yourself in time management out of 10?
9. In blogging, which part you enjoy the most- narration, preparation or photographing ?
10.The person who influenced you the most is ..............

Blogg on and rock on........!

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