Mint Sherbet

I could not resist myself in posting this mint sherbet. I prepared this yesterday, got ready today and when I'm typing this, the status is finished......! Most of you might have a period between your under graduation and marriage with a job. Again, if that happens in a hostel....! then you can imagine how funny those days were.....without an exam fear and not much any other anxiety , a gang of young ladies ;-) responsible for most noises, sleepless talks, crazy jokes  (NB: we have seen some of our "classic" self goals in movie later on) naughty discussions, and sharing the pranks from each one's work places......While making this mint sherbet, I was dwelling in those exciting memories.

Mostly when I get a chance to take any ice cream, I opt for vanilla or strawberry. One beautiful evening, these crazy ones had visited BR and one among the nutty us had introduced me to mint ice cream. One that very day on wards I started loving mint; starting from ice cream, falooda and it goes on......

After avocado ice cream, this is my second post for frozen dessert. Thank Lord! that you have shown me the recipe from the book "Ready for desserts" by David Lebovitz. 

Two cups of lightly packed mint leaves (crushed) 
Four cups of whole milk
One cup of sugar
3 large egg whites (optional)

In a medium sauce pan, warm the milk, sugar, crushed mint leaves, stirring to dissolve sugar. Afterwards, remove from heat, cover with a lid or cling and leave it for one hour.

Pour the milk through a strainer into a medium bowl and squeeze the mint leaves firmly to fully extract the flavor and dispose the leaves. 

Now refrigerate the bowl thoroughly. 

Whisk the egg whites on high speed until they form soft peaks. Fold the whipped egg whites to the chilled milk. This step is optional. If you do not want egg whites into the sherbet, avoid this step.

Freeze the milk mixture overnight (it would be nice if you stir it three times in between) or if you have an ice cream machine, freeze in it according to manufactures instructions.

This would be refreshing and easy choice for u if you have mint leaves and milk in your refrigerator .No need to have any guilty feeling to scoop more.... :-) of course me and my hero hadn't... :-) So enjoy......!

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