Kaju Katli (Cashew Fudge)

Today let an Indian sweet fill your tummies virtually.... I was a little bit scared while trying this sweet because of the importance of consistency. But by Gods grace, it came out well. This is a Deepavali sweet. I know I'm too early in posting this. But I couldn't resist myself from doing that. Deepavali is a festival of lights and we all would be eager to buy fire works...... Another Indian sweet in my blog is Pear Burfi.

In my childhood, there lived an Annachi (a helper in our property) who was so loving and an elderly native of Tamil Nadu, our neighborhood state. He used to go home for Deepavali and brings back a big box full of sweets for us. Myself, Rohit and Rahul would be eagerly waiting for the sweet box and him. He knew well that we were dying for his sweet box. In our journey of life, some persons who are not in our relative or friend circles are remembered with an affection and he is one among them.

One cup of Cashew Nuts 
Half cup of sugar
1/4 cup of water
1 tablespoon of Ghee (and a little for greasing)
1 teaspoon of rose water

Grease a tray (preferably aluminum ) or a flat lid of any vessel and put butter paper or parchment paper over it. Take another parchment paper of same size as of the previous one and set aside.

Make cashew powder in a mixer grinder or any dry grinders. If you are using a mixer grinder, pulse cashew nuts for 20 seconds, then check and do it again if required. The consistency is just a powdered form not a fine powder. Do not grind for more time as it results in cashew nut paste and ooze out oil.

In a thick bottomed pan, add sugar and water on medium heat. When it simmers, reduce the heat to low flame and add the cashew nut powder, continuously stirring in between.

Continue heating for about 8 to 9 minutes till the entire cashew powder comes together to form a dough. 

Remove from heat and add rose water ghee. Put the dough into the greased tray with parchment paper. Gently knead the dough when you can touch but still hot and flatten it.

Put the other parchment paper over the dough and roll it with your rolling pin. When it is cooled completely, cut into you desired shapes like diamonds or squares.

Like enjoying the sparkling lights of Deepavali, we enjoyed the sweets :-)

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