IFBC 2015

I’m really excited to attend my first Food Bloggers conference (#IFBC). I’m very much lucky to attend a session handled by one of the best food reporters and writer from NewYork times, Kim Severson  and Sara Dickerman. I feel learning is a never ending process and I’m looking forward to add more new information in this world of blogging. 
I’m also enthusiastic to know about food photography techniques and would like get networked with fellow food bloggers. I could not stop my eagerness to know about SEOs which is also expected to cover the intro session. 

I’m in for Chef’n excursion. I’m excited to attend its cocktail party and knowing about new kitchen gadgets. I heard about the lovely treats that are given by sponsors and I’m joyful about that too. 

I heard about Stonyfield, giving the best yogurt, five senses of tea by Teavana, wine tasting and many more sessions. My taste buds are ready to take different unique flavors….. :-)

Food styling is yet another art. It’s very nice to know more about it from Irvin Lin. I’m a newbie and I’m excited about each session in conference. I feel like the vibrancy that we have when we are going to attend the first day of our school after a long vacation. I hope this would be a refreshing experience in my blogger life. 

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