Thanksgiving Dinner


How was your thanksgiving ….? For us, we are celebrating thanksgiving for the first time. I have never done any experiments with turkey before. So I was excited to prepare Turkey and the entire thanksgiving dinner this time.  


I prepared the ice cream pudding one day before. Turkey was brined two days earlier and roasted on Thanksgiving Day. The rest of the dishes were prepared on the same day. By Gods grace, everything came out well and added to the spirit of thanksgiving. Thanks to Roopa Jithesh who gave me the idea of brine. 

Our dinner menu 
Brined roasted turkey and gravy

Soft dinner rolls
Cranberry sauce
Asparagus green bean casserole
Apple walnut stuffing
Spicy mashed potatoes
Cucumber salad

Ice cream pudding Bombe


The baking aroma of dinner rolls was everywhere in our condo. Then it was taken over by roasting of turkey. For me, it was a great experience of cooking, coming out of my comfort zone. Thank Lord for all your blessings!

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