Plum Pomegranate Juice

Hi all......after a short silence I'm back again with a simple juice......and indeed a healthy choice  :-). I'm enjoying this summer to the full fledge and hope you too....I can see the reflection of sun onto the leaves which would give a mirror like shiny appearance......I don't know whether I have loved "sun" to this extend before.

This land of crispy apples gives me the sensations of a mysterious lover......who has wonderful eyes, showing me the most lovely and eye catching frames......who has a beautiful long nose which delivers me the organic fragrance of spring......who has the most passionate lips to kiss me in the form of light breeze and simultaneously conceals its mystery.

For me, plum was a cake related stuff. But recently when Anish brought a packet of it I thought of the plum and pomegranate combo.....not a bad idea right....? Thank Lord! This is my second post for drinks after strawberry pear smoothie

Three Plums (ripened)  
1/4 cup of pomegranate seeds (ripened)
Sugar or honey - as per your taste requirement (I used about half cup of sugar)
Two cups of water

Cut the plums into smaller portions and remove the seeds.

Blend plums, pomegranate and sugar in one- fourth cup of water.

When it is well blended to smooth pulp, add remaining water and if the concentration is more, add more amount of water and  sugar (dependent on your taste preference) and serve. 

Note: If you do not want the pulp, strain it.

We had this on a golden evening enjoying each zip with our little one.  Wish you all a fantastic summer ......... :-)

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