Pomegranate Raita

Today what I'm sharing with you is raita, which is sweet and healthy. Yesterday we had a light snowfall and z so beautiful. I sense it as the first whiteout of the season. The trees are not fully covered with snow but it is just patted. It is so gorgeous as a virgin. 

This is the second salad I'm posting, after oven roasted grape tomato salad. The stuff made with pomegranate before is the Plum Pomegranate juice. Pomegranate raita goes well with pilaf, biriyani, fried rice, Kashmiri Pulao,  or any of such kind. If you need more spicy, add some pepper or red chilly flakes. You can customize as per your taste including flavoring. This raita is inspired from the book rasoi: new Indian kitchen by Vineet bhatia.

Makes 4 servings
One cup of yoghurt (Greek or Plain)
A pinch of salt 
One teaspoon granulated white sugar
Half cup of pomegranate seeds and a little for topping
One teaspoon of lightly roasted cumin seeds

Put the yogurt in a bowl and gently whisk it with a wire whisk or fork. Now add salt, sugar, cumin seeds. Fold the pomegranate seeds into the raita. Top the salad with some pomegranate seeds and serve.

While preparing pulao or biriyani or fried rice next time, why can't you give a twist to the usually prepared salads......? So try and enjoy.... :-)

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