Tinker Bell theme cake for my little princess

Today I'm very excited to share you my latest try on themed cake which my little one is really fond of. I made a Mickey mouse club house themed cake for Rydhi's third birthday. Last year, we had a visit to Disneyland. It was really beautiful and I could see the most happiest faces of kids....... They claim it as one of the happiest places on the earth. She loves to watch cartoons and the heroine, Tinker Bell came into picture..... Thank Lord! that this cake came out well (at least to my imagination) from not a trained person. 

In Disneyland, we were in a queue for clicking pictures with Tinker Bell, Rydhi was so excited .....and she ran towards her, cutting the queue. We had to convince a lot to bring her back to the queue. 

Everything in the cake other than the frame of Tinker's wings are edible. It was a real fun to make the Tinker's Bell figurine and her house. Anish was there with me while doing the decorations.....giving me constructive suggestions and corrections. 

Tinker Bell without wings was not imaginable.....so made the wings too......

Even though the cake decorations are made with fondant, it was equally delicious...... I made wilton's recipe for butter cream icing. Three layers of cake filled with butter cream were stacked as shown here.

The very first sight of the cake made her jump with joy telling "Wauuuuu.......Tinker Bell...mommy....Tinker Bell...."

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